Welcome to Creative Adventure & Company! If you’ve ever felt the rush of excitement when finding the perfect gift, you’re in the right place. Our mission? To make every occasion truly special with our custom hand-etched products. Whether it’s for personal milestones or business celebrations, we’ve got something that fits just right. Dive into our world, and you’ll discover a commitment to excellence that’s hard to beat.

Got a unique vision? Let’s bring it to life!


Back in 2020, right in the heart of Waterford, Michigan, Creative Adventure & Company was born. Our spark? Empowering women entrepreneurs globally with personalized corporate gifts that make a statement. And oh, how we’ve grown! Today, we’re proud to be your go-to for all things custom hand-etching, shipping love and craftsmanship to every corner of the world. At the heart of it all? A dedication to artistry, quality, and you.

Mastering the Craft

There’s a magic in hand-engraving, and our team? They’re the wizards. Each piece is a celebration of dedication, passion, and years of honed skill.

Ready to create? Let’s get crafting!


Working With Us

Transparent Pricing: Think premium gifts come with a premium price tag? Think again. We’re all about offering you the best, without the hefty price tag.

Options Galore: Whether it’s promotional items or a unique brand statement, we’ve got a plethora of choices to make your brand shine.

Authentic Craftsmanship: In a world of automation, we’re championing the human touch. Our hand-etched products? Pure artistry.

Simplicity at its Best: Ordering with us is as easy as sipping your morning latte. And guess what? We deliver globally.

Always Here for You: Questions, thoughts, or just want to chat? Our customer support is always on standby, eager to help.

Repeat Bliss: Once you’ve teamed up with us, reordering is a breeze. We’ve got all your details, safe and sound.